Museum of horses

Hipologické múzeum Horse breeding tradition in Slovakia has been rich on general economics, social, breeding, sport and turf area. Horse  has had a meaningful position in whole world. Horse markedly accompanies the human more than 6000 years.
  Domestication, dominance above the horse has been notable historical event. Horse enabled the man to identify and to take control of new lands. It also allowed the people to interchange the cultures, to develop the trade, the agriculture, the army.
  The tradition of horse breeding in Slovakia is rich in all life areas.The National Stud farm Topoľčianky has made decision to develop the museum of horses, which is beneficial for preservation of this inheritance for following generations.
  The concentrating of riding, driving, smith, saddlery and wheel documentary materials started after the buildings and courtyard  reconstruction. The carriages were situated also at new place.
  The museum of horses provides compact conception of horses and their utilization in society. The visitors are attracted by particular breed characteristics, maquettes of production properties, achievemnt of the stud in horse breeding, furnished saddlery, smithy and wheel manufactory. Interesting is also the room  and the kitchen of the employee equipped by old furniture. The visitor´s attention is also engaged by saddlers, many kinds of harnesses and other mechanisms. Separate sectionis created for carriages together with other means of transport. The exposition is enriched by the documents and pictures relevant to vegetable production and cattle breeding, which is part of farm´s activities.                         

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