Insemination and reproduction center

Insemination-reproduction center


EU registration number of insemination and reproduction centre: ISŽ-01
Insemination and reproduction centre NŽ Topoľčianky, š.p. :

Topoľčianky National Stud Farm was appointed to establish IRC starting its work in 2003. A team of specialists offer complex services in the area of insemination and reproduction of horses, diagnostics with sonograph, laboratory examination of the biological sperm quality of stallions, individual purchase of the insemination doses, sperm removal and processing and the export and import of insemination doses. One of the main tasks of this centre is to use the genetic potential of domestic and foreign top breeding stallions as much as possible.

IRC was established by using modern biotechnology in horse breeding to answer the purpose of not only the National Stud Farm but also the other horse breeders in Slovakia. The IRC enable them to use the rich genetic potential for efficient sport horses. Furthermore to extend the farmers breeding genetic base by means of the insemination doses (fresh or deep frozen), which were classed among the genetic source of the Slovak Republic. Part of IRC, registered under the European number ISZ – 01 SK, is also a sperm bank, in which are more than 3000 doses of the rare stallions sperm.

a list of horses in the insemination-reproduction center

 2943 small

2943 Dahoman XV (D XI-5)



o.4 Dahoman XI
m.583 Koheilan IV-57
42 small

42 Conversano XIII Toplica



o.551 Conversano Gaetana XV-1
m.857 Toplica
 104 small

104 Conversano XVI Solana



o.53 Conversano XIV Mirana
m.653 Solana
  65 small

65 Oušor VIII (Ou V-9)



o.3953 Oušor V (Rum.)
m.655 Oušor III-13
  66 small

66 Oušor IX (Ou III-54)



o.212 Oušor III
m.679 Goral XVII-1
  3862 small

3862 Quinnus II



o.Quidam ´S Rubin
  3895 small

3895 Kaiser Karl


Tmavý ryšiak

o.Kaiser Franz
m.Jeanne D´Arc II
  105 small

105 Tobrok III (Suleiman)



o.151 Tobrok
m.610 Silvia


Fees for insemination benefits for NZ Topoľčianky, š.p., in 2019

Fees for insemination benefits for NZ Topoľčianky, š.p., in 2019

Číslo žrebca Meno žrebca Cena PP v roku 2019 (bez DPH)
pre kobyly zapísané v PK na Slovensku pre kobyly nezapísané v PK na Slovensku
3862 Quinnus II 100,-€ (vrátane 20 % DPH) -
3895 Kaiser Karl 100,-€ (vrátane 20 % DPH) -