Spring Evaluation of the protected breeding at the National Stud Farm Topolcianky May 11-12, 2022


Selection committee

  • Ing. Péter Görözdi – acting president
  • Ing. Kamil Šulko
  • Ing. Eugen Feherváry
  • MVDr. Marián Pavľak

Evaluation and breeding committee

  • Ing. Péter Görözdi  – acting president
  • Ing. Kamil Šulko
  • MVDr. Marian Pavľak
  • Ing. Eugen Feherváry
  • Ing. Michal Horný, PhD.
  • Ing. Samuel Sokol
  • Ing. Emil Kovalčík, PhD.
  • Ing. Juraj Kovalčík
  • Pavol Gašpar

For regional veterinary and food administration

  • MVDr. Ján Chladný, director
  • MVDr. Oto Naď

For PI SR:

  • Ing. Klára Tokovská (PI SR NR)
  • Ing. Pavla Tušková (PI SR NR)


  • MVDr. Dušan Solár
  • Ing. Vladimír Varga

The Selection Committee for Horse Breeding of the MP and RV of the Slovak Republic on May 11-12  2022 carried out a spring evaluation of horses in the "Topoľčianky" š.p. 8 Lipizzan stallions, 44 Lipizzan breeding mares, 8 Shagya-Arab stallions, 33 Shagya-Arab breeding mares, 7 Hucul horse stallions, 26 Hucul breeding mares, 1 Slovak Warmblood stallion, 21 Slovak Warmblood breeding mares 4 English Thoroughbred mares, 2 Arabian Thoroughbred stallions, 2 Arabian Thoroughbred mares, young horses of all breeds up to 3 years old, 42 horses in training, 34 sports horses and 4 racehorses owned by NŽ "Topoľčianky" s.p. were inspected.

 The commission positively evaluated the readiness of all objects and horses for the spring assessment. All breeding objects and the surrounding environment were decently prepared. The commission positively evaluates the exceptionally good condition and good health of the horses and  hoof trimming and the overall appearance of the horses being shown, as well as the state of reproductive indicators in all herds, due to the introduction of full-scale insemination.

The mare 861 Lord Weingard-10 was included in the breeding herd of breeding mars of the ST breed based on linear evaluation. Mare for mechanical injury of a limb did not pass the sports test.

The Commission positively evaluated the effort of the National Stud to expand the breeding base in the breeding of Arabian thoroughbreds by purchasing original (Egyptian) thoroughbred mares and strengthening the classic Lipizzan family Europe by adding Lipizzan mares from the mentioned family from the Piber State Stud.

Employees of NŽ "Topoľčianky" s.p. ensured the course of the spring credit rating at a high level. The commission highlights the correct organization of the employees and the professional presentation of the horses, as well as the submitted complete credit records. During the assessment, a pre-selection of stallions and young mares for breeding training took place. Performance tests on 26/05/2022 will be taken by:

Mares of shagya-arab:

  • Gazal V-39
  • Shagya XXV-53


Hucul horse mares:

  • Oušor VIII-8
  • Hroby XVI-18
  • Oušor VIII-12
  • Goral XX-21
  • Hroby XX-11

Training and preselection:

  • Maestoso X-43
  • Pluto XXI-18
  • Gazal V-40
  • O´Bajan VII-1

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