Performance tests and pre-selection of the stallions – Topoľčianky 27.05.2021

Výkonnostné skúšky a predvýber žrebcov - Topoľčianky, 27.05.2021

Head of the Committee:

Ing. Péter Görözdy

Members of VK:

Ing. Micaela Horná, PhD.

Ing. Kamil Šulko

Cooperation with the Committee:

Ing. Samuel Sokol, head of the breeding

Ing. Emil Kovalčík, PhD., head of the stud books and marketing


MVDr. Dušan Solár

On May 27, 2021, performance tests of equine gene sources were held at the National Stud Farm - Lipizzaner mares and Hucul horses, together with a pre - selection of stallions. The tests were organized by the National Stud Farm "Topoľčianky", š.p.

Stallion SKARR was preselected (after 1716 Milano from mother 4330 Sabaah El Khebir after Ursus, born 14.06.2015, basic body measurements: 157 / 147.5 / 172 / 19.5 cm) owned by Darina Bartalská, Borinka. The owner of the stallion Siglava Baghdad (HUN), Mr. Róbert Rovný (Nitrianske Pravno) asked for an individual pre-selection of the stallion.

The mares were very well presented and prepared for the tests.

The Committee recommends to the Boards of Hucul horses, Shagya-Arab, Lipizzaner and Arabian Thoroughbred stud books to present and evaluate the horses also in free movement during the performance tests.


1. Goral XX-16

8,31 b. (ELITA)

2. Goral XX-17

8,42 b. (ELITA)

3. Siglavy XIII-23

8,59 b. (ELITA)

4. Favory XVIII-3

8,54 b. (ELITA)

5. Favory XVIII-12

8,58 b. (ELITA)

6. Conversano XIII-51   

8,65 b. (ELITA)

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