Slovak Championship in Vaulting

Slovak Championship in VaultingThis year, the top national event in vaulting - the Championship of the Slovak Republic - was held at the Masarykov dvor complex in Vígľaš. The event was also the final of the year-long vaulting series "Slovak Vaulting Cup 2023" (SVP 2023). Trainees had the last opportunity to gain valuable points for the national ranking and thus influence the overall ranking in the individual, pair, group and best horse categories.

Vaulting clubs from all over Slovakia fought for championship titles and ranking points. Almost a hundred trainees demonstrated their challenging sets to a strict panel of judges. The vaulting department from JK by NŽ Topoľčianky could not be missed.

SVP evaluation

After the first day of competition, which was the first round of the championships and at the same time the SVP final, the ranking of the Slovak Vaulting Cup 2023 was closed. The clear winners in the squad and pas de deux categories were the vaulters from JK by NŽ Topoľčianky under the leadership of Boris Kodak – Andrej Meňhert, Laura Balážová, Stela Strečková, Sebastián Kodak, Gabriela Karáčová, Zoja Kunkelová and Lilien Elizabeth Zacharová. Also, in these categories, the gelding Leon from JK at NŽ Topoľčianky was evaluated as the best. Andrej Meňhert won 4th place among men's singles.


On Sunday, the second round of championship competitions in the given categories took place and it was decided. In the pas de deux category, Laura Balážová and Stela Strečková won the gold medal on the horse Leon under the guidance of Boris Kodak from JK at NŽ Topoľčianky. They also enjoyed the most valuable metal in the squad category, where they once again confirmed their qualities with a relatively large point lead.

We congratulate you on the results achieved and wish you much success in the following sports season.

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