Championships of the Slovak Republic in Dressage

Championships of the Slovak Republic in Dressage

On the 22nd-23rd July 2023, the Open Slovak Dressage Championships were held in the premises of the Topoľčianky National Stud. Precious metals were fought for in the categories of young horses, pony riders and seniors.

Almost seventy riding pairs from all over Slovakia came to test their strength. Riders from Germany and Austria also supported the event with their participation. During the two-day event, there were open competitions up to the Grand Prix and also in competitions for young horses.

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The ground jury president was Doc. RNDr. Iľja Vietor, PhD. The rest of the jury consisted of Nadežda Ivaničová (SVK), Ing. Iva Schützová, Ing. Dana Kuřitková and Doc. Ing. Simona Fialová, PhD., all three from the Czech Republic. Jana Medová (SVK) was appointed to the role of steward.


All championship categories got opened, apart from 7-year-old horses.

In the category of young 4-year-old horses, three riding pairs met the conditions for participation in the MSR. The best result after two rounds was achieved by Linda Fraňová with the horse Golden Flower from JK Martin Záturčie, who became the new reigning Champion in the given category. The silver medal went to Simona Sklenárová on the horse Destiny It's Me from JK Horse Club Nitra. The bronze went to Central Slovakia to JK Limfora Badín thanks to Renáta Ďordevič and Diamant de Vita.

Among 5–6-year-old horses, 7 pairs fought for the title of champion. The gold was defended by Milan Kuhajda with the mare Donna Grazia from JK Jurský dvor Nitra. Linda Fraňová and Hariffa MD from JK Martin Záturčie won the silver medal. Bronze went to Simona Sklenárová and Novalette Van De Zoomvliet from JK Horse Klub Nitra.

The most numerous categories were pony riders. Up to 14 riding pairs met the qualification criteria. The title of Slovak champion was won by Sandra Cimermanová and Whiskey Johny Walker from JK Limfora Badín. The silver medal was won by Viktória Oršuliaková and Sofia-H from TJ Žižka Bratislava. Bronze went to Lilly Alena Marthaler and Magic Mike from TJ Žrebčín Motešice.

8 riders met among the seniors. This category is run at the highest level of championship competitions - the first round is at the ST level and the second is a freestyle to music at the T level. After summing up the results from both rounds, the first and second places were taken by Michal Bugan with the horses For President AWÖ and Floretto DK from JK SŠ Ivanka Pri Dunaji. Bronze was won by Michaela Balážová with Marengo from JK Polet Trebostovo.

A big thank you goes to the companies Cavalor, Happy Horse Service, Prohorse, Heineken, Chateau Topoľčianky, AgroTami and the National Stud "Topoľčianky", which donated valuable prizes in kind to the open competitions.

Team Cup at MSR

In addition to the championships, the third year of the team competition called Team Cup took place at the MSR with the support of the SJF Dressage Commission. The riders formed three-member teams, in which one rider pair competed at the A level, the second at the L level and the third at the M level. The ranking of the teams was determined by summing up the results of the members of the individual teams.

Four teams entered the competition. The winner was a team called RNS Dressage Trio consisting of Alica Pestúnová - Furioso L-34 Nemes, Diana Hunová - Rocky Rebel and Michaela Danielová - Silver Moonlight. Second place was won by the Power Team, consisting of Júlia Martyneková – Ninus, Martina Nittnaus – Favory XII-13, Kristína Flaková – Favory CVIII-19. Third place was taken by the STK Dressage Team represented by Karolína Beláková – Revolution, Silvia Záhorská – Graduell, Tamara Polláková – Welt Regency.

We heartily congratulate the winners and the runners-up and wish them many more sporting successes.



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