June Dressage Competition in Topoľčianky

June Dressage Competition in Topoľčianky

On June 24-25, 2023, the first of three planned dressage events took place in the premises of the National Stud. Competed at levels from "Z" to "Grand Prix", including tasks for young horses.

The jury was headed by Nadežda Ivaničová, other members were Silvia Poláková, Iva Schützová accepted the invitation from the Czech Republic and Zoltán Prutkay came from Hungary. More than sixty riding pairs competed. For many, this competition was also a preparation for the Slovak Championship and at the same time an opportunity to meet the qualification criteria for individual championship categories. Riders from the Hungarian stud farm Szilvásvárad and also from Germany supported the event from abroad.

Competitions for young horses have enjoyed a large presence in recent years, and the quality of the horses is definitely increasing. In the test for 4-year-old horses, 10 horses presented themselves in two categories. Simona Sklenárová with the mare Destiny It's Me from JK Horse club Nitra won the competition among 4-year-old horses. In the category of 5–6-year-old horses, the best result was achieved by Linda Fraňová and Hariffa HD from JO Martin Záturčie. In the test for 5-year-old horses, Lukas Blatzheim and Valerius from Germany dominated. This pair also confirmed their qualities by winning the test for 6-year-old horses. In the competition for pony riders, among the 8 competitors, Lilly Marthaler with the horse Magic Mike from TJ Žrebčín Motešice did the best. Diana Hunová and Rocky Rebel from JK Ivanka pri Dunaji won the championship in the open task at the A level and also in the children's category. She did just as well at grade L, where she also won. It continued at grade M. The best performance was performed by Michaela Danielová with the mare Silver Moonlight from JK Vida Bratislava. In the S level competition, Michaela Balážová and Marengo from JS Polet Trebostovo won first place. At the T level, the home team Peter Vančo and his black Lipizzaner stallion Conversano XIII-47 won the championship. Lukas Blatzheim with the horse Errol from Germany won at the Grand Prix level.

On Sunday, the order did not change in the task for 4-year-old horses. The winners were Simona Sklenárová and Destiny It's Me from JK Horse Club Nitra and Linda Fraňová with Hariffa MD from JK Martin Záturčie, who also won the task for 5-year-old horses. Among the 6-year-old horses, Valerius and Lukas Blatzheim from Germany were again rated the best. Among the pony riders, Diana Jašeková from JK Limfora Badín won on the horse Yakari. At the A level, Diana Hunová from JK Ivanka pri Dunaji took the first place again, who was also the best rated among children. Alica Pestúnová and Furioso L-34 Nemes from JK Harmónia v sedle Ivánka pri Dunaji gave the best performance at the L level. V M first place was taken by the home rider Kristína Flaková and Favory XVIII-19. Michaela Balážová and the horse Marengo from JS Polet Trebostovo became the best riding pair in S again. The best evaluation at level T went to Michaela Horná and Forever from JK at NŽ Topoľčianky. Lukas Blatzheim with the horse Errol from Germany won the Grand Prix.

We heartily congratulate everyone on the results achieved. Complete results lists can be found at www.nztopolcianky.sk , www.sjf.sk , www.drezura.wbl.sk .

Many thanks to Happy Horse Service Cavalor, Prohorse, Heineken and JK pri NŽ Topoľčianky for the prizes in kind they donated to the competitions.

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