Kráľovský lipican

The Lipizzaner – the horse for kings, the king among horses. This saying was often heard in the past.
   We have assured ourselves about this well known fact especially these days. The Queen Elizabeth the II. has visited Slovakia and Slovenia and one noticeable event has happened. Her Royal Highness was given the same symbolic gift from both countries – the Lipizzaner

   The director of The National Stud Farm Topoľčianky  Ing.Michal Horný, PhD. presented the horse himself at the state banquet in capital city Bratislava. He also favored the Queen by the artistic photographs of the Lipizzaner.
   Maestoso X-38, born on 21st May 2003(father Maestoso X, mother Timrava) was honored to have the title – The royal horse. The picked stallion is 5 years old. There are already appealing his two original brothers in the breeding, one in Germany and another´s role is functioning as reserve blooded horse in National Stud Farm. His true brother confirmed his versatility by his participation at the World Championship in four-team of horses, pairs and singels.  The elite stallion will live in Topoľčianky. He can be seen by all visitors in the stud. He will work as colt for 1 year. If his talent is going to be confirmed, he is going to be soprtingly tackled. The objective of this activity will be his future participation at World Championships. The Queen Elizabeth wished to be informed about his descendants and also about his sport achievements.

Author of photo: internet and Fedor Nemec




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